Conflict Mapping - The Afghan Parliament

A-M Johannessen, 7 May 2007


Parties directly affected by the conflict within the Parliament: 1. Malalai Joya, 2. former Mujahideen (which holds the majority of seats) and 3. Independents and Technocrats, including women.
Parties indirectly affected by the conflict: 1. Afghan citizens and 2.) The United States (with help from NATO)

Parties directly affected by the conflict within the Parliament:


NEEDS: Security. Self- esteem. Identity. Recognition. Self- actualisation.

FEARS: Discrimination. Violence. Death threats. Assassination attempts on herself and other women. Defenselessness. Culture of impunity among powerful warlords. Hostility. Restrictions of movement.

INTERESTS: Remove the warlords from power and put them on trial for war crimes.
Communicate the injustice and human rights abuses in Afghanistan to the national and global media. Spread her messages and get International recognition and support.
Opportunity to travel and share her point of view about the situation in Afghanistan around the world. Create awareness of the situation in Afghanistan in the International community and especially to countries that are somehow involved in Afghanistan.
Get help from the International community to improve the situation in Afghanistan.
Remove drug- lords from power, stop corruption and opium production. Disarm warlords and drug- lords. Disarm and demobilize militia forces. Stop violence towards women and children. Help women. Education for women. Reconstruction. Political stability. Improve health-care system and education- system. Liberate Afghanistan.

VALUES: Equality between men and women. Freedom of expression and opinions. Freedom of movement. Non- discrimination. Democratic Rights for everyone. Justice for past crimes. Secularism. Anti- fundamentalism. Humanitarianism. Altruism. Human Rights for all. Human Dignity for women. Democracy. Free elections. Free media. Peace.

Former MUJAHIDEEN (Warlords, including some former members of the Taliban)

NEEDS: Security. Self- esteem. Identity. Recognition. Self- actualisation.

FEARS: Being accused for past war crimes and being put on trial. Loss of power and control. Humiliation. Defenselessness. Opposition from the Afghan population. Disarmament. Secularism.

INTERESTS: Amnesty for past war crimes. Remain in social, political and economic power. Control over the Afghan people. Control over opium production. Profit from opium trade/ trafficking. Armament. Impunity. Supremacy of Islamic Law. Reinserting religion into the politics of the country. The use of force in pursuit of policy and economic goals. Suppression of Malalai Joya and other women who speak their political opinion. Oppression of women in general. Support and assistance from the U.S.

VALUES: Islam fundamentalism. Superiority of men. Inferiority of women. Conservativism.


NEEDS: Security. Self- esteem. Identity. Recognition. Self- actualisation.

FEARS: Discrimination. Violence. Loss of power. Political and economic crisis. Ethnic conflicts. Fragmentation.

INTERESTS: Power. Control. Economic gain. Liberalize society. Reconstruction. Strengthen the National Army. Political and economic stability. Support and aid from the International community.

VALUES: Equality between men and women. Freedom of expression and opinions. Democratic Rights for everyone. Secularism. Anti- fundamentalism. Justice. Peace.

Parties indirectly affected by the conflict:


NEEDS: Food. Water. Housing. Security. Heath care- system and medicines. National, cultural and ethnic identity. Self- esteem and self- actualisation

FEARS: Violence, killings, rape, threats, assaults and kidnappings by warlords and their militia. Discrimination. Suicide bombings. Terrorist- attacks. War. Poverty. Disease. Internal displacement. Executions. Persecution. Arbitrary arrests. Imprisonment. Lack of a justice system and fair trial. Culture of impunity for the powerful. Ethnic conflicts. Alienation. Taliban insurgency. Human Rights abuses. Defenselessness.

INTERESTS: Wealth. Liberation. Social and economic development and opportunities. Education. Jobs. Material gain. Access to electricity. Improved infrastructure. Reconstruction. Self- determination. Political and economic stability. Freedom of religion. A functioning judiciary system. Human Rights abusers removed from power. Justice for past war crimes. War crime trials. Reconciliation for past grievances. Help from the International community. Humanitarian Aid. Empowered civil society and NGO’s.

VALUES: Freedom of expression and association. Ethnic and Religious freedom. Economic and Social Justice. Democratic Rights for everyone. Human Rights for everyone. Respect. Dignity. Equality. Law and Order. Peace.

THE UNITED STATES (with help from NATO)

NEEDS: Security

FEAR: Terrorist attacks in the US and in the West. Loss of power and control. Humiliation. Failure. Regional conflicts. Loss of political and economic power.

INTERESTS: “War on terror”. Defeat Taliban, Al Qaeda and Islamist fundamentalists and prevent global terrorist activities. Cooperate with the former mujahideen, warlords and other powerful Afghans to fight Al Qaeda and terrorism. Access to oil and gas resources. Power and control. Strategic and economic gain. Geopolitical control. Prevent regional conflicts. Training of Afghan Army. Public Relations success stories.

VALUES: Democracy. Liberalism. Development. Free market.

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