Peace Talks Between Abbas And Netanjahu

Peace talks between Abbas and Netanjahu sept 2010

It seams that Israel is not willing to give up land to achieve peace, as is the goal of the current peace talks between Abbas and Netanjahu. On the contrary actually, since the illegal jewish settlements in the West Bank now have started expanding again, as the peace talks failed to even extend the settlement freeze. Will negotiations of a Palestinian State continue at the same time as Israel expands settlements on the territory that is supposed to be part of a future Palestinian State? As Netanjahu talks to Abbas and Obama, the land for a Palestinian state is sadly being eaten away. Israeli bulldozers demolish houses, new buildings are illegally built on occupied territory and more Palestinian land is being confiscated.
It seams that Israel does not intend to give up any land. Does Israel even want to end the occupation as long as Hamas does not promise to give Israel security? Israel’s focus on security makes it hard to believe that they are willing to give up control over the West Bank and Gaza any time soon.
Abbas does not have legitimazy as Palestinian leader and negotiator as he does not represent a unified Palestinian people. Even within his own party, Fatah, he does not have full support.
There needs to be unity between Hamas and Fatah before peace talks commence, so that the Palestinians can elect a representative to the negotiations who actually represents them as a people, and thus has the legitimazy to negotiate about the future of an independent State.
Israel will not get real security as long as the humanitarian disaster continues in Gaza and as long as they are not willing to include Hamas into the equation, since Hamas is clearly part of the obstacle to peace.
What does the people of Gaza think of the peace talks between Netanjahu and Abbas? Do they feel included? Or totally ignored?

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